Pot magnets with threaded stem

Pot magnets with threaded stem

Strong, compact and flexible. Those are the quality features of our pot magnets that allow you to use them at work or at home as well as in industry and craft, in schools and universities or for hobby and leisure. We can offer different styles, so you can select the magnet system that is right for your needs.

Product features

1.Strong neodymium magnet

2.Increased adhesive force through embedding in a steel pot

3.Flat design

4.Versatile use


Applications include Point of Sale, window fressing, door/cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings etc.


Purchasing guide

1. The product shape and dimensions;

2. The product performance parameters(Such as tables, magnetic, heavy suction, thread size, etc);

3. The parts of the material and coating;

4. The gap needs to be filled and whether the color of the filler(Such as epoxy, plastic ring, aluminum ring, copper ring, etc);

5. The use of temperature;

6. The need to provide parts.

Our services

1.Semi-finished product size, accuracy full review! Finished look full review! Magnetic full review! Ensure that the sample material and the goods 100% consistency.

2.Select the magnetic isolation or to facilitate customer use of packaging products according to the strength of the magnet.

3.Our main market is Europe and the United States. Our magnets have passed RoHS, REACH report and Since 2010, exports of goods and zero return.

4.China 10 years quality magnet factory, expert of Magnetic Assembly. Look forward to business with you.

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