Magnetic filter bar with outer thread on both sides

Magnetic filter bar

Our manufactured SCB-Q series of strong magnets bar using rare earth magnet production for the strong, through sophisticated circuit design, the surface magnetic field of up to 8000-12000GS above. Strong magnets are made of high quality stainless steel pipe and special high coercivity magnetic Wang, sealed with silicone or welding and the use of special scientific craft making.

Magnetic wand features are:effective removal of iron poles dense, large contact area, magnetic super

The principle is:When the iron-containing material through by strong magnetic attraction, the iron-containing material firmly adsorbed on the wall, to ensure safety and equipment damage from iron impurities in the product, can greatly reduce iron content in the finished material.

Product features

No energy, no pollution, can be installed in any position on the production line can be in contact with the material, space-saving, easy installation, magnetic rare earth magnetic alloy NdFeB as a source of strong magnetism, simple structure, long life, specification style can in accordance with customer requirements and the production site arbitrary change the custom.


1, ceramic materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, machinery and electronics, paint pigments, food processing, textile and other industries.

2, building materials industry, mud iron

3, iron machinery and equipment caused by iron mill. (Commonly used in the oil tank and road circulation)

4, the food processing industry (such as dehydrated vegetables) process in addition to iron

5, silicon carbide abrasive industry, corundum, quartz sand, aluminum powder. Zirconium silicate powder iron removal process.

6, batteries, pharmaceuticals, refractories industry production process in addition to iron


Purchasing guide

1. The normal Diameter 12, 19, 23, 25, 32, 40 mm etc.Length up to 1000mm or more

2.Standard fixation with inner threads of M6, M8 or Outer threads of M6, M8 etc.

3.Customized designs are welcome.

4.Welded through from laser and argon protecting welding. Easy to load and remove our tubes with their standard thread on tubes top ends.

Our services

1.Semi-finished product size, accuracy full review! Finished look full review! Magnetic full review! Ensure that the sample material and the goods 100% consistency.

2.Select the magnetic isolation or to facilitate customer use of packaging products according to the strength of the magnet.

3.Our main market is Europe and the United States. Our magnets have passed RoHS, REACH report and Since 2010, exports of goods and zero return.

4.China 10 years quality magnet factory, expert of Magnetic Assembly. Look forward to business with you.

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